Safety manager – Security coordinator

Our field of expertise for 10 years

With 10 years of expertise on famous TV shows, LecouveyMédia can respond to many problems with highly qualified personnel in their fields of expertise.

For television and cinema, we meet strict specifications. Scouting, preliminary safety analysis, and field accompaniment are part of our skills. Rope work and the securing of camera operators are also part of our work.

Many productions trusted us: France, Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, USA… we have dozens of references. The most famous are Expedition Robinson (Netherlands), Pekin Express (various European clients), Asia Express, Wild etc.

Survival programs, travel programs, or documentaries with complex shooting constraints or with animals are our specialty but we can study any other request .

Beyond television, we can also bring you expertise on field projects such as archaeological prospecting, scientific research in isolated environments, sampling, logistics and support of field teams, cartographic analysis or interpretation of aerial imagery. With a strong network in the medical field, we will also be able to advise you on teams that have proven themselves for many years.