Damien Lecouvey : Survival specialist and Safety manager for TV production

Herpetologist passionate about snakes since 1986

-NCO section leader of the air commandos from 2004 to 2011


Specialist in survival techniques and in climbing, I can accompany you in your international expeditions


Intervenor, survival specialist on Discovery channel, RMC découverte…


-Regularly solicited as a risk and survival consultant for TV shows (safety manager) in the field of survival (scouting, security etc. for M6 in particular)


Survival consultant for GTNCO of the TV show WILD (m6)


-Trained in a Namibian research center by a renowned herpetologist, I am regularly required to handle dangerous species of reptiles. (venom sampling etc..)


Trained by Johan Marais, very famous South African herpetologist


Graduate of the state diploma of sports educator, and having worked as assistant trainer of the hopes pro A of the professional club of basketball of Sluc Nancy, I supervise individually professional players within the framework of the physical preparation


Member of the French Explorers Society and President of Time On Target

Damien Lecouvey membre société explorateurs francais